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Grand Theft Auto IV… IS THE BEST GAME EFUR!!111

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 2, 2009

Now, the tables turn! Grand Theft Auto IV is simply the most juiciest succulent big slice of rockstar that you can actually disect, it’s half and half. On one side it is freakin’ amazing and on the other it is a half-***ed common shooter.

In fact let me go into detail, Grand Theft Auto IV… is Saint’s Row, with a different location and story etc. It’s a great free-roamer, but it’s obviously trying to copy what GTA has to offer… Grand Theft Auto IV is copying itself.

I’m not going to go into seperate detail, to be honest, Grand Theft Auto IV is a masterpiece on it’s own – it’s whole atmosphere and feel of the game is unbeatable, when you walk down the shady new york esque streets with the rain hitting against Niko’s palms as he lifts that rusty shotgun up and blasts the cop’s brains all over the floor – you feel it

Atmosphere can’t be beaten when it comes to GTA IV, then again it can’t be beaten when it comes to the actual series, it’s just missing a few important bits and bobs. Multiplayer in IV is kinda cool too, you can go vroom vroom, beep beep and boom boom – but it’d be nice to have some sort of co-op, or even more types of games – 17 types (I think) of game is remarkably awesome – but everything gets boring after a while, none of the new types are actually not very different from other games.

One of the main features of GTA IV is the radio station thing, San Andreas had some awesomely… awesome music from the ’90s. A hell lotta classics… but a hell lotta cash spent on getting the lisences. I hate to say it, but most of the music in IV is actually quite… tasteful I hate most of the music today – but some of the tunes and bunes in IV are seriously catchy and I think I’ve never paid more than £30 for music, in a single day.

Another thing I hate to say, I can’t think of anything else about GTA IV that is good. If you haven’t bought it yet you either don’t have acess to the internet, a PS3/ 360 or common sense, it is a great game – but it is vastly overated and vastly overhyped, it doesn’t fail to try it though. Just don’t come crying to me after you ‘accidently’ set your mum on fire.


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