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Journey To The Centre Of Video-Game Movie Adaptations!: Part One

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 2, 2009


Hello and welcome to this little article that I myself have written. It delves deep into the heart of video game adaptations of movies. Over the course of two days I will look at more than 20 memorable titles of the past 3 years. I have searched Wikipedia for hours and read a billion reviews from my 2 year old PS2 mags, so let’s kick things off shall we?
Peter Jackson’s King Kong : The Official Game of the Movie

Platforms : PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS, GBA, PC 

Now, you may think ”Purple you crafty devil, how can it be there?!”, when I say that this is my favourite movie video-game adaptation ever. Now it plays much like any other FPS, but with quite a few twists. For instance, weaponary and ammo are seriously limited and you must use the enviroment to your advantage at all times, or else you’ll end up as dinosaur meat. There is also no HUD whastoever, all damage is seen on screen as the screen turns red and bloodier, this was the first time I had seen this being use and it seemed very radical at the time.
One of the coolest things about this game was the food chain, there were insects, dinosaurs, T-Rexes, humans and crabs all involved in this thing. You could really use it to your advantage, a really clever game mechanic has not being repeated has far as I know… but it just goes to show, the deadliest weapon in the whole universe, is the universe itself. The graphics were top notch for it’s time too and although the 360 version got a few complaints for being too dark, twas still an epic journey.
The (Recent) Incredible Hulk Games
Platforms : Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox, PC , Gamecube, DS 

The Hulk video game series has always being mehful… they always seem to miss the point of the actual Hulk – smash, dash and mash. But they chuck in either a one-way story, limited area or powers or a delicate game engine. I actually liked the first Hulk game – ”Hulk” , since it was just fun, the graphics were comic-y and the whole stealth gameplay seemed kinda nice. The second Hulk game was, tremendously awesome. I could go anywhere, smash anything and pulverise whole buildings if I wanted to… but you got really limited by the enviroments – a city or the dust plains… CHOOSE NOW! The missions were out of wack too, seriously hard and if anyone got past the last boss on Hard then they are either god or the actual Hulk.

The recent Hulk game, based off the recent action pumped but story lacking movie, was atrocious. The main thing you want to do in a Hulk game is just punch and mash anything in the game world, but this time… the moment you got even 3 metres away from a car, it just exploded. When I was playing around with it at a friends house, I picked up a civilian and decided to take him above the skies, we eventually came to the park and I threw him into a tree… the tree just snapped… so did the tree behind it… so did the tree behind that one.
I hope that one day I can just hop around a large game world, destroy anything I want without feeling like I could touch a building with my finger and it would crumble. What I would want the most though, is more freedom, just like Crackdown, I loved being able to do the missions whenever I want and jump out of them and wreck the nearby hospital with a rocket launcher… or some fists with the green man’s case.

Enter The Matrix

Platforms : PC, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube

Now I’m gonna be honest with you… I liked Enter The Matrix. The main critics and basically 3/4 of all who played it, wanted it to burn in hell. But I ignored the fact that the controls were buggared, bullet time was too slow and lacking in the ‘wow’ factor, the guns and targerting system were unfinished and the whole level design seemed to be crafted by the devil himself. The reason I forgived this apparent ‘piece of dog poopy’ is the fact that it’s enjoyable.
Now I don’t know about you but, sailing through the air, with time slowling down and yourself firing cold iron into the chests of many security… doesn’t that seem freckin’ awesome? It’s sequences like these that made me keep playing and eventually… forgiving this game. The whole gameplay mechanic was horrible put together but it was still a very good piece of action, any action is good action as long as you understand it. Enter The Matrix scored 3/10 from most main publishers and was sent to the halls of ‘worst game ever’ by the public… but I’m fair with all games and I can’t say you’ll enjoy it, but give it a try and it might just grow on you.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter
Platforms : PC, PS2, Gamecube

Now burn me at the stake, set fire to my house or send a billion tough guys to pulp me up, but this game is and always has been, my best star wars game ever. Now take a moment to take in what I just said and now babble to yourself on how Purple just lost his mind, but… now take a moment to figure out, why Purple is right. Now, let’s begin my long and hard rant about this pile of underappreciated crap.
So let’s start… it was said that his game has some of the worst level design and clunkiest controls ever created… but controls can be changed and level design doesn’t count when you have a freckin’ jetpack. There was so many ways and weapons you could use to get from point A to B, you were eventually caught if you used stealth, but while it lasted… it felt almost as sweet as hitman. The weapon and targerting system worked great for me, bad for everyone else, I could just hold down the left trigger and hammer away, while sprays of red sparks flew into my opponent. It felt comfortable and forgiving of the wacked out story and horrible dialouge and soundtrack. Give it a try, might grow on your like ETM.

Spider-Man 2

Platforms: Gamecube, PC, PS2, PSP, GBA, Xbox, N-Gage, DS

This is the best Spider-man game ever made. Now Spider-Man 3 improves on the main game of 2, but this was always the biggest leap in freedom gaming. The narrator and soundtrack was well thought and put together, the civilian saving was entirely optional and felt like you could always get a challenge every 5 minutes, but that was completely of your choice. The main thing that I have enjoyed in the recent Spider-Man games and this one is the webslinging.

You could be swinging down a never-ending street and you would never get bored. You could climb onto the buildings, scale high atop the rooftops and then dive down into the urban sea below… just before you eat the tarmac you can let out a spray of web and kick your feet at the sky, that is the point of Spiderman. Add this to some enjoyable missions and a map the size of half of San Andreas, it was a revolution in superhero gaming.
Transformers: The Game
Platforms : PC, X360, PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, Wii 

When the word ‘Transformers’ comes to mind, you think of huge towering beasts of metal that can transform into cars, have huge rayguns and absolute freedom to do whatever the hell they want. You do not think of ‘trapped in a city and can do the main quest whenever they want’ and ‘destruction is baaad, limited and seriously broken’ or ‘the metal giants are actually just humans on stilts with M4-Carbines… inside a cardboard robot suit’. All you do really in this game is run away from anything because the aiming can bounce from one enemy to the other and you don’t take that much damage anyway.

What seriously bugs me about this thing, is there is no tutorial, it’s like throwing you into a lake of crocodiles and say ‘Have fun!’. But your basically just tripping over cars and buildings and end up getting the whole army after you, kinda like GTA… even when your cruising in your car and not even shooting anything, there’s always some robots (which make no sense because the Decepticons came alone) to bug you into hitting other cars and getting in trouble and eventually killed… like GTA… avoid this at all costs and if you like this game, burn in hell…

Goldeneye N64


Platforms : Nintendo 64, XBLA (rumoured) 

Now I’ll be honest with you, it’s one of the best games I have ever played. This was one of the most defining games of the starting FPS genre, it made the whole genre what it is today and is really the only stand-out Bond game of them all. I have enjoyed and played through this game at least 8 times, and it never gets boring. The level design and AI are just right and not too challenging, the actual FPS is quite clunky in controls and I hope the rumoured XBLA versioned will up the visuals a tad bit… but all I can say is, bring it on… make me buy a 360!


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