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The Fair American Election?

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 2, 2009

I rose up this morning, strangely at 5am in the morning, the sound of a chattering crowd outside of my window. After opening it up and feeling the icy wind on my cheek, I looked across the street and saw some obvious Americans parading in the street, chanting the tune which I had dreaded to hear –‘Obama! Obama! Obama!’.

Just hours later and I hear all of my subject teachers rant on about how this defining moment in history, is probably the savior of the early 21st century blah blah blah. A couple more hours later and I tune in to McCain’s ‘defeat’ speech, and I wonder ‘How the hell did Obama get into the white house?

I have nothing personal against Obama, apart from a few things to do with his Gulf War promises, he is what America has been waiting for and it was right for him to become the president of the USA, but did he win fairly? It’s a question crossing my mind, since this morning, as I chewed on my pencil, read some J.K and then had a hot shower wen I came home – is it right for a man to win the highest office in the world, just by his race?

Now obviously I’m gonnaget a hell lot of controversy over my little debate thing, but the fact remains, of 97% of African/Americans voted early, and you can guess who far! It’s often described as a great thing to have a leader that you can associate with, it breaks the ice and lets you honestly know what it is to be a politition, but is that a fair deal? Let’s say Obama had no experince, no promises and no real ‘change’ factor, would McCain have taken the house?

It’s a hard thing to judge a country’s new president, by his election, but a fair vote is a vote that counts. More than 40% of Americans are mixed raced, and most of them would’ve voted Obama, because of the relationship they can have with the president of the United States of America. I think the chance to have the first ever mixed raced American president, is what drawed in that extra 12-ish%.

I have nothing against Obama, I am simply questioning the way that he has won this election, he may not have won it with his heart or mind, but his skin and cultural past. Only time will tell if he can truely be, the man of the 21st century, the man to build a new world and a man to abolish the old crushing ways of America.


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