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Recent Demo Impressions

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 9, 2009

Hello folks

I had the chance to actually download something this week, apart from a few other things… don’t ask what they are… fuck you subliminal humour! The Killzone 2 demo and the Halo Wars demo, both of which came on the PSN Store and XBLA last week, I’ve been able to sample them both for more than 5 minutes, which says a lot… actually I only got to play one for five minutes, woo! Let’s dig in then shall we?

This one took around 7 hours to download, and it sure wusn’t wurth it. 7 minutes of just… well… an FPS . CAD already pointed out that that’s good, but it ain’t – all FPSs have got to have a unique selling point, Far Cry has it’s rich and lush enviroments, Resistance has it’s story and disease, Bioshock goes deep and down with it’s locations and art , but this? This is just generic marine combat 101. So the whole story starts out as umm… well to sum it up – aliens invaded your planet, you invade theirs, you think you’ll win easily and you struggle blah.

Ok, I do have one compliment: it made my eyes just light up with how just brutal it looks. Nothing can match the graphic powerhouse of this thing, you’ve seen the trailers – now play the thing! Also, multiplayer looks and sounds cool , but I hope the (FUCKING) 1 rifle at a (FUCKING) time doesn’t ruin the (FUCKING) whole thing. Killzone 1 sucked, this is maybe a large improvement – but it’s not a day 1 buy for me anymore.

Ah, now this is one I was suprised with. I can’t really comment on the Halo series much, I’m going into detail with that in my new WSGA? series, but really – it’s probably the best in the series, even if it isn’t an RTS. There’s really not much to say here, you can control one side or the other, do some campaign missions and just generally muck around in Skirmish – and it’s all just so… simple and so cunning, you’d expect a billion button combinations, but A, LB and the left stick do just about all the work.

Whats to brilliant about it, is that it is really the best console RTS I’ve ever played – even for a demo, and that has me hoping for the full game. I can’t think of any bad things to nitpick, though it would’ve been nice to have another map in the demo, and that I think the online play may be a bit shallow – other than that, it’s a-oh-k. Not a day 1 buy though, not ‘cos I hate everything in life, I’m just skint at the moment – and I might actually get GTA IV + L&D for the 360… because of something <_<.


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