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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 11, 2009

Hey guys

I’m actually writing this on Sunday, but I won’t get to post on Wednesday, so here you go. For the next say… 9 billion weeks… month and a half.. mai timetable/schedule/raep

Monday 9th Feb – Killzone 2 and Halo Wars Demo Impressions

Wednesday 11th Feb – This Very Schedule

Friday 13th Feb – Whats So Good About Halo?: Meister Chef

Monday 16th Feb – GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Expectations

Wednesday 18th Feb – Whats So Good About Halo?: LOOKIT ALL DAT JOOICE!

Friday 20th Feb – Whats So Good About Halo?: Cortana… make me a sammich

Monday 23rd Feb -Whats So Good About Halo?: Shoot meh some covenant

Wednesday 26th Feb – (SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT) 

Friday 28th Feb – That Game Project Progress

These aren’t all set in stone, but are a rough guide to what to expect. Stay tuned every monday, wednesday and friday! Maybe even inbetween if you stalk me that much!

The Whats So Good About? Series continues with teh haloz! From Wars to numbah 3, we’ll examine why it sux, makes the bucks and generally nitpick until it bleeds! Woo

The GTA IV blah expectations are just simply what I hope the Lost and Damned expansion pack will add to GTA IV, and not just half-ass it… like they did with the full game.

The Secret Announcement, is so secret, that even I don’t know what it is! All I can say kids, is that your in for a real treat!

The game project is something me and my artist and some other guy have been making, it is already pretty much done in terms of concept – but we’ll leave that for Feb 28th.


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