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Whats So Good About Halo?: Meister Cheif

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 13, 2009


Aha, so we begin another series of rants you don’t care about  – with the devious Halo! Microsoft’s most praised series since margerine… wait they didn’t discover that did they? Well, as long as the Welsh keep mining it, I don’t care! So let’s start with just a little hi, hello, and a HALO HALLO! We start this series with a retrospective of the series, what the series has done wrong and when did it start… well, I gotta admit  , this whole WSGA is gonna be easy, a piece of cake, ace in the whole, easier than shooting fish in a barrel! Half-life wasn’t half-easy to nitpick… but this just has lice everywhere!

So let’s start where all great Microsoft first-person shooters start, Macworld.


Aha, now back in 1999, Steve Jobs and Bungie where like Bonnie and Clyde! Ok not really, but they were almost bussiness partners – but for now they were cousins: Bungie needed a platform to sell it on and Mac needed a game to sell. Too bad that a couple of months later, Microsoft got it’s millenium chequebook and well… Bungie didn’t like Mac anymore , and suddenly switched from a PC game to a title for a newly developed console, the Xbox! 

Now when this bitch landed, literally landed in the opening missions, we were hyped to hell, jumping over the walls and across the hills! Star Wars was gonna get mowed down and Master Cheif would make us forget all about Anakin Skywalker… oh crap I just remembered the phatnom menace, fffff. Well, it was a cool game, I gotta admit, but I’ll nitpick in a later crunch. But for now let me just ask you something, was it fair?

The Mac barely had any games, Halo could’ve made it ‘the platform’ for PC gaming. We could be playing Team Fortress 2 or downloading something off of Steam, but I think that maybe Apple didn’t dig in hard enough. When M$ made that offer , they didn’t even take a look at their own chequebook , maybe they were ignorant and thought Bungie would side with Mac, the platform they had been developing for years… well… you know what happened.

It’s a pity, because Halo 1, not the whole series or Halo 2… has sold over 5 million. It generated a fan-base, merchandise and possibly a billion dollar franchise , too bad Apple didn’t dig deep , or they would’ve hit the gold! But alls well that ends well… I wouldn’t have even been able to have played the series, if not for MS buying them out. I kinda feel for Apple – but at the same time, I kinda feel for M$, they are just a company/ jackass at the end of the day…

There’s not much to say after Halo 1, Halo 2 was launched in 2004 – and crushed Half Life 2… I think in terms of sales. In 2007, Bungie decided to send in the cheif one last time with Halo 3… and then ‘broke up’ from the company later in the year, a lot of us hoped that they’d do something witty, original and over the top… but well, the Halo series has tied just about every developer down , who was in with the project, no hope.

Years after mass-marketed and over-the-top hype made the Halo series… bloated… with a gazillion copies of the series in the world, and now a stance in culture – Master Cheif just about rules the world. Halo Wars will be released later this month, a combat RTS that was what Halo used to be, an actual RTS, it looks pretty clever and the demo was cool… unfortunately, Bungie are being lured into the trap – and I wouldn’t be suprised if they were forced at gunpoint to made Halo 3:ODST which launches later in the year… poor saps.

Next week… bleh


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