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GTA IV The Lost And Damned Expectations

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 16, 2009

So the Lost and Damned arrives tommorow, and we’re all pretty much pumped for it. Even I, the most hateful and spiteful GTA IV troll, anticipate it more than you ever will! Well, unless you’re a devoted GTA IV fanboy and love, breathe and even eat Rockstar… if that’s possible (how can you breathe a video-games company?) Well anyhoo, here’s my top… umm… 4 things that I hope the expansion will add, take-away or not ruin.

1. Story

Ah, the story. Apparently, it ‘interlocks’ the main plot in a way that would make us wish that Rockstar weren’t so devilish and godamn devious. I hope that the whole ‘biker’ manliness and general ‘testostrone’ fueled story doesn’t let it down, a ┬ádrug addled and generally fragile creature within such a biker’s story, it does add a lot to the whole atmosphere. The whole loyalty aspect of the game seems to interlock with morale choices too. I hope the Lost and Damned’s story mildly makes up for IV’s… mess, and that’s all I can call it without being slaughtered from massive fanboyz.

2. Music

Let’s admit it, GTA IV sounded like… well.. a house on fire. It crackled nicely, but it didn’t do any good… neither did this analogy – but still , it had some sparks of great sounding good-ness – but generally left the house in ashes. I know the Lost and Damned will barely had any music to the whole libary, but I hope they’re all gems… and Rockstar have thought carefully about how many of us actually listen to HARD-FUCKING-CORE ROCK AND ROLLLLLLL EAT BABIES AND CHEW YOUR MISTRESS RAWRRR metal rock.

3. Bike-play

In IV, the bikes handled like salad – no control and no MAETS, hopefully with the improved physics and weapons etc. it might make bike-play… enjoyable. A swift movement of your gas-pumping, 2 wheeled bike – swinging side to side by it’s handling while you dig a barrage of bullets in the nearest police car window, now that’s not even over-reacting. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the bikes all the time aswell, as long as they’re enjoyable – I don’t see anything else that could go wrong!

4. bleh

I hope IV avenges itself somewhat in the downloadable episodes, I think mixing the gameplay and general story-standards that IV had… was a very bad idea , maybe episodic content – with punchier gameplay and a more relaxed story… will maybe help us re-live Grand Theft Auto at it’s finest… either that or I am actually Russel Crowe in disguise


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