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That Game… Progress

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 27, 2009

Good evening folks, most of you probably haven’t heard of it, but me and my artist – and some other bloke – have all been working on an actual PC game. So far, so good, you guys don’t have a freackin’ clue how much work we’ve put in, but we’re not doing it for you – we’re doing it to feed our families… with nothing. Yeah, that’s right, to not only avoid copyrighted blahz, you guys will be able to download our PC game for free! Skins, levels and other content will come with a charge – but lets say 50 pence per level or 10 coins for a special hat – we wanna give you value for your moneys. 

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So what’s been set out so far? Well , nothing, concept is just finishing up – our artist is faster than lightning and I’m not to bad myself. All’s that is needed is for the full game dialouge and cutscene script to be finished and we can state immeadietly! Right now we don’t have a title, and the plot would give away everything… maybe. But I can tell you this, you guys won’t be depressed when you play this, it’s just gonna be a funny straight to the point side scrolling shooter – maybe one of those flash games on the internet – except 5 hours longer and with more lulz


So what do we expect you to do? Nothing! Progress is slow slow slow and we don’t expect this out in a couple of months time. Our projected vision of release date is : WHEN THE FUCKING THING IS DONE… 2009. That’s all we’ve got, it will be finished before the end of the year – and a sequel is already being thought of – we have it all under control. Around my place, we have bins full of notes and goats… what?  Don’t worry about the release, it’ll be done when it’s done, in our lifetimes at the very least.

So I hope your enjoying the concept art we’re giving you, have the yet unamed character… okay he is named but we’re not giving it away – we’re that fucking insecure. What I’d like to just finish off with is this: we have no progress and production hasn’t started at all , the game script will be done by the end of March, but you might not see the whole reveal until 3 months down the line… stay cool my little readers – unless you’re dead in a couple of months, then you’re not cool!


Drawings and shiz by Juanji


One Response to “That Game… Progress”

  1. Luke said

    So this is looking cool =D

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