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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 4, 2009


So ends another ultima-adventure, from poor writing to a last stand against you Halo fanboyz, this series has been good… Not! It’s been too godamn easy to make fun and lulz and generally decipher the Halo series, because it is generally the most overhyped thing.. IN THE WORLD! Apart from the… actually nothing else is worser and generally less put together than the whole series, thats why this last articles is gunna be short… also I’m lazy.

So what is the Halo future? Apart from Halo Wars (which is actually pretty cool, ‘cept it’s not developed by Bungie) and Halo 3: ODST (6 hour mediocracy here we come!) I can’t see anything else. It’s probably the most overworked series and I can already see the cash cow’s milk drying up… heh heh analogy! I think what it needs to do is consider the path of Halo Wars, an entirely different game – an RTS – and expand into that. LEGO Halo anyone?

So… Halo 3 ODST. What little has been revealed, doesn’t sound awesome enough. A 6 hour campaign… Halo 3 copy and pasted? Different music… Halo 3 notes re-arranged and copy and pasted? All of the multiplayer maps and packs released so far, included… so just copy and pasted? It doesn’t sound like a good enough deal for me, even though I’ll probably buy it and review it and rant about it…

So Halo Wars. Demo is sweet, haven’t played the full game – but it’s deffo the best HALO game to date. An console RTS is hard to make, it needs accessibilty and general fun-ness, and this is one that nailed it, and then fucked it up the arse so hard it cried “MOMMA, MOMMA, SWEET JESUS!”. It just about gives the finger to Master Cheif, downs it’s drink and leaves the Haloz bar. Barely any story is needed in this, the reviews say so, and I’m looking forward to it… god a GOOD Halo game wtf.

So… this just about finished this saga of WSGA?, but I’d like to leave you with a quick note. Throughout the series and generally through the blog, I’ve had over 100 visits per article… but only 3 comments so far. I’d take it you guys are a bit shy and don’t want your opinions criticised, but I really appreciate them, and I look at some of the emails you give me. So if you comment within the next 3 hours, you could win a free bartmiztha! Joke…. I’m THAT cheap.

For all you Halo fanboys picking up those bricks and aiming at my windows… I got a crowbar, and I’m not afraid to learn how to use it


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