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This Gun Is The Best Gun Ever!: Franchises

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 9, 2009

Hello to a special edition of TGITBGE, which I like to call TGITBGEF! Rolls right off the tounge doesn’t it? In the franchises edition of this ‘wikid’ series, I’ll be exploring five series which I think have shaped and molded the genre. So, before I get this show on the road, a little apology about part two not appearing on Friday – it’s not cause I’m lazy – the WordPress servers had a hiccup and all of my schedueled tings got lost, but anyway, without further adue, let’s boogy!

Honestly, could you expect anything else? But to be honest, this was one of the only world war II shooter series that I can think of: which has changed everything. Before COD4, the series was just a fun WWII shooter, not much change between the series – and by COD3: we were sort of getting tired with the genre. To combat this repetition, Infinity Ward changed everything in the franchise and evolved it into what it is, Call of Doody Foure : Dodering Gorfare! Or something along the lines. It changed the face of single-player campaign length, revamped just about every multiplayer system imaginable and strangely touched everyone, even the hardcore retro FPS fans.

Whats a teenager’s blog without oversized tits? If you’re a woman or have a difference sexual preference, the writing on the chest says “Halo”, which is what this paragraph is about. Do ignore the lovely melons for a minute and lets try and concentrate on what umm what were… boooobies…. Halo came in at a time when the FPS began to stand on its feet, defining itself and waving a flag. So what did Halo do to shock the world? Well, my opinion in in the WSGA? But I can admit, the multiplayer and just general basis has effected all the FPSs that have been made after 2001, for sho’.

This one is actually quite old. I haven’t actually played most of the old UTs, but I did play the original – boy oh boy did I have some fun! I think what UT did for FPS, is what butter does for bread – it keeps everything together. I was playing a few older FPSs, and they sucked ballz, but well… this one sucked less (WSGA candidate?) and I enjoyed it… too much. I didn’t get interested in FPSs until around this point, and maybe this is what shifted my perception into “Whoa, this is a genre.” The recent outing of UT3 hasn’t interested me, and the experience seems watered down to suit some people’s needs… hopefully it might change for the better.

Aha, Half-Life, now this one is interesting. I could flip a coin on whether I like this or not, but at the end of the day – it did bring something to the table. Steam was just getting up on it’s three front legs… and server cables, and so – Half-Life 2 was chosen to just about open it up. Now what I think that Half-Life 2 was… it was just a mess, but that’s my opinion, on the other hand – the modding possibilities are just about endless, and is what started the whole ‘Black Mesa’ mod, a mod community remaking Half-Life  in source. There is already a normal Half-Life Source, but that sucked ballz. If you want more on why I hate this thing, do visit the Half-Life WSGA? in the left sidebar.

‘Nuff said


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