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This Gun Is The Best Gun Ever! Part Two

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 9, 2009

Welcome once more to an exciting edition of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, tonight we have with us Marcus Fenis, and a special topic throughout the whole event! Are you ready Marcus? Don’t wave that chainsaw at me, you know that our auidience are only hear to see me cut through you with boring catchphrases.. heh heh. Let’s play! First question, in the hit video-game series “Call of Duty”, what is seen throughout the whole story , is it A, a heartbreaken story, B, a blue house, C, a first person perspective or D, Chris Tarrant?

Excuse the satirical entrance for a moment, puleaze! But let’s answer the question, and it’s obviously C. This is what I want to talk about today – what makes an FPS shooter… an FPS shooter? Aside from the direct perspective, theres a formula that has been exploited many many times other , and that is repitition of enemies and general adrenaline pumping action – but most games look at this and think “WE WANT”, which makes the market clogged. That doesn’t neccessarily mean they’re bad games, but it is sort of like playing Halo 3 over and over again, and paying for it over and over again.

So, what does honestly make an FPS, an FPS? Well, you could call just any shooter from a first person perspective, an FPS, because thats what it is, so does that mean Fallout is one? Well, it’s a mix isn’t it – which we’ll go into detail later – ┬ábut does an FPS have to be on its own? Can an FPS with only a couple of unique features stand on its own? Well, we haven’t seen it yet. Let’s take for example, the Call of Duty franchise, and then look at the games in the franchise, the real standing out moment was when COD4 came in guns blazing and made a whole godamn re-wrote of it… well…

So then came along COD:WAW, and I hate to make complaints about one of my fav FPSs right now… but it is generally just COD4, painted with WW2 and a spice of zombies – and even the devlopers can’t argue with that, they can try, but they will fail. A shooter which stands out in a franchise, should be one that stands up on its own, if COD:WAW had just stayed on its toes and maybe re-invent itself, instead of building on the same engine and generally same game , the change in the franchise would’ve put the whole series up in the top spot of FPSs almost…

That’s just an example though, because we’ll be exploring franchises on Monday, you can re-invent things all you like, but using the same parts doesn’t help. An FPS is supposed to be a mindless exploration of fun, there’s some standout titles though – like Bioshock and some of the old PC FPSs, which generally add some sort of A* story in the mix, and it works. Tune in next week to find out about how online FPSs are shaping the whole genre.


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