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This Gun Is The Best Gun Ever!: Part Three

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 16, 2009

Good evening folks and welcome to another edition of the well loved series, TGITBGE!,  rolls right off the tounge don’t it! So, in my spare time I’ve devoted my creativity and downright awesomeness to you anonymous daily 20 readers, so I want something in return. Not your virginity or the skull of your deceased grandmother, but something quick easy and painless to do – comment. Down at the bottom of every post I make is a comment box were you can post anything to me! Don’t spam me with links though, or I’ll fucking fuck you up yer fucking piece of piss. Bitchcuntfucker.


A lot of you from the early days will remember Counter-Strike, but most of you play the new Source edition blah  blah. This was probably one of the first popular online FPSs and generally laid the path for most online shooters today. That’s why I hate it. I’ll get into detail later about why I hate online FPSs, but for now, let’s dig into the old stuffs dat made it what it is today. A couple of years later and maybe even the same year Cunter-strike was released, Rainbow Six and Medal of Honor had a pop block at the thing.

Half-Life took a gander too, and was generally well recieved. I don’t know where I’m actually going with all this because I can’t really go into detail about things I haven’t actually played, but generally, all online FPSs around the time looked and played the same. It wasn’t really up until the Halo daze that online shooter became the norm, and can you blame them? At a time before the online component, FPSs were shuddered in story and wrapped up nicely in immersion, along came multiplayer and kicked it up the arse.


Cod of Doody 4

Cod of Doody 4

I don’t hate multiplayer FPSs to death, particulary because they are actually rewarding. Intense and generally well done FPSs, like COD4 or TF2, just about lay the foundation for epic communities. The real complaint I have about the online FPS world is that it is sorta taking over the whole of a game, COD4 did a great effort of keeping a cinematic experience, but World at War made it shorter and slimey. I think other games like TF2 and Counter Strike are probably a good example of multiplayer fashion, that being that they HAVE to be played at a LAN or online.

So what am I saying here? Drop da online component? Hell no. Without it, fanbases would drop and replayability would go with it. But until the devs start putting the main campaign, which was what an immersive FPS was built for, then they’re not getting my dollar. Another reminder, if you want to donate to the Purple View , DON’T GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! Give me your comments! Right now at the bottom of this post you can say “sux dude” or “wickid!111” maybe even “FUCK ME PUSSY CUNT FUCKER MOTHER FUCK CUNT CUNT”. Please comment…. so lonely here…


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  1. Juanji said

    ^ That post looks liek spam lol…………

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