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This Gun Is The Best Gun Ever!: Part Four

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 18, 2009

Hello folks, today will be short because I decided to download the Watchmen game. 4 paragraphs at the most. So we might as well have a little short tribute now shall we? When I say “FPS” you would either think of a game or a developer? Amirite? ‘Cos that’s what happens to me when anyone says it. So how about we have a little experiment… FPS! Now, what comes to your mind? Call of duty? Treyarch? Doom? Duke Nukem Forever or something else? For me it’s something else entirely.

Ken fuckin’ Levine. The bloody king of rapture, and the spearhead of what became Bioshock – quite simply the best FPS of 2007. COD4 was released in the same year but that doesn’t count because they’re entirely different… I already said what makes FPSs different but Bioshock and COD4 is like Stephen Fry and Jade Goody… one is completely awesome and well told while the other has a short life-span with a long term multiplayer afterwards… I better go brace myself for the “OMG YOU FAGGOT, THAT WASN’T FUNNY ;l” comments.




So Ken Levine, he is basically what I consider to be one of the greatest video game writers of this time. Hideo Kojima is fuckballs to him, then again he’s fuckballs to anyone (MGS is next on the list for Whats So Good About?) and well, he does just about rip the whole storytelling thing over it’s knees. In Bioshock, there was one villain and there was a couple of guns and set pieces, get past them all and then you get to him – the last hour before meeting the villain you see cracks in the game’s plot, until the plot twist comes around. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t played Bioshock (if you haven’t, you’re a fucking moron) but…. jesus holy shit wtf genius.

Not a lot of games make me think about story nowadays, and since Halo came in and dumbed it all down… its sorta made me sad and think more about the good old days, and about how freackin old I’m getting. Story in FPSs should be as important as the multiplayer, because at the end of the day – an FPS is a perspective which puts you straight into the action with a gazillion points of immersion, and quit frankly – a story about fighting mutant aliens on the planet zog is starting to bug me, but a story such as Bioshock stays true to what an FPS should be. Now go buy Bioshock you fucking morons.


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