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Grand Theft Auto Month 2009

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 23, 2009


Aha, suprise, suprise! I bet you didn’t see that coming! I bet you’re wondering what the hell this is, and why you should care… Well lemme just say, welcome to the first annual Grand Theft Auto Month – a whole month dedicated to all things GTA. Every April will be jampacked with all sorts of goodies, articles, a webcomic, ringtones and downloadables. Yeah you heard me right, webcomic! Every Tuesday and Thursday all the way through April, you’ll get a taste of a quick fix of funniez, written by me and drawn by Mr.Dreboawesome/Juanji/My pet artist. There’s nothing much else to say! Have a look at the trailer below for the rough schedule of articles, and be sure to watch in HD!


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