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GTA Month 2009 Schedule (and comic!)

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 25, 2009

Hey fellas, just a quickie schedule today, have been working with Juanji on the comic all day… week… month… actually just 1 hour. Hit the jump for the rest of the schedule.Wednesday 1st April – The Lost and Damned Review : Does what it says on the tin

Thursday 2nd April – Johnny Klebitz: A Mans Man (CHANGED BACK AT LAST MINUTE) : Decoding the Johnster

Friday 3rd April – Brotherhood : Part retrospective, part homeage; to the GTA gangs and groups

Monday 6th April – A Brief History of Grand, Theft and Auto: A brief history of the GTA series, complete with a little video to help guide you

Wednesday 8th April – LULCARJACK : A look into the humour of the GTA world

Friday 10th April – The Dudes You Play: Retrospective : A little look into the protagonists of the GTA world

Monday 13th April – The Tide Turns : GTA III blessay

Wednesday 15th April – Scarface and Miami : GTA Vice City blessay

Friday 17th April – Don’t Fuck With Grove Street : GTA San Andreas blessay

Monday 20th April -Mobile Hustler LCS : Liberty City Stories blessay

Wednesday 22nd April – Miami in the Palm Of My Hands : Vice City Stories blessay

Friday 24th April – Made In China : GUEST ARTICLE Chinatown Wars review

Monday 27th April – Thanks for the memories : A huge thank you article blah to all the helpers

Wednesday 29th April – Goodies : Desktops, ringtones and a whole lot more JUST 4 U!


Comic 1 copy

This comic will be all the way through April, Tuesdays and Thursdays – and drawed by the one and only Juanji, written by me of course.


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