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This Gun Is The Best Gun Ever! Part Five

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 27, 2009


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome the penultimate part of the priecless penondrudem known as the FPS tribute! This week (or should I say last week) will delve into the heart of the industry, and hand leaflets and pats on backs to the industry favs. Shall we get the bowl rolling? Or should I just start with a little video from our first developer choice blah?! I think option 2 sounds the best, and I doubt many of you have seen this, if you have then shut up and if you haven’t… well… shut up and watch damnit! Keep an eye out at 1:14…

Infinity Ward

I think the most obvious thing that people will do when they look at Infinity Ward is they’ll look straight ahead to COD4 – which just about revolutionised the whole FPS genre. They took a series which was aleady popular, and hip thrusted it to the moon! I think a fun fact everyone should know is that COD1 was supposed to be set in the modern day, but Activision wanted to be bastards and made us wait another 4 years! But whatever the hell, they stand out on this list because they looked at their series and thought “hmm, maybe the other way looks cooler”. 


The real reason why these guys are on the list is because they just about did something weird. They looked at the FPS market, the growing graphics consumption ,and the fact it’s now number 1 on a developers list, and then decided to turn it all into butter. Crysis is probably the company’s most well known creation, but they also pioneered Far Cry – and boy wuz that pretty… so pretty it hurt. Crytek are good example of a developer which look at graphics, and see them as the future, which is entirely in the wrong direction that gaming should be headed.

Free Radical

 When you think Free Radical, you think Timesplitters. Without a doubt my favourite FPS series and just about my inspiration for doing this whole series. Too bad that it’s now become CRYTEK UK and Timesplitters 4 will turn the gameplay into mush and the Battlefront series to dush. Which reminds me, Star Wars Battlefront is just about my greatest Star Wars game – Battlefront 2 not so much. Quite frankly, I don’t want the new management to give Battlefront 3 up… even though it’s rumoured to be developed by Rebellion. Also, Haze was shit.


Well, Valve should go to hell! That’s what my WSGA? series stated anyway – and I meant every word. Well sort of. I think Valve have influenced the gaming platform behind blood and guts, while their stories have barely any deep thought or complexion – the narrative is unmatched. Team Fortress 2, one of the company’s ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ exploration is just about the best class-based multiplayer, ever. COD4 has a customised one, but TF2 takes the cake for just adding so much flavour and spice to the whole deece and dice!



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