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Look Forward

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 30, 2009

Hey guys, welcome to an article about this blog, my blog and the purple view. The articles for GTA month are coming on nicely, but my artist is being lazy, so I might have to kill him and take his talents. Otherwise, we’re pretty much rollin’ all over April, which a lot of people have been asking why we chose April – well the simple answer is GTA IV was released in there. In other news, this article. I have a lot of ideas bouncing off me right now, and its hard to make a schedule without rushing ahead. I just finished the THIS GUN IS THE… series and I think it kinda sucked, but then again you readers never comment. Hit the jump to see the rest of my ideas though

Whats So Good About?

  • Metal Gear Solid – this is probably the most requested and it will be done, don’t know when (June?)
  • Timesplitters – I’m not sure about finding cracks in the series, three is easy to nitpick, I think I might love this series too much
  • Zombie Games – May do this, but I want WSGA to concentrate on series and not sub-genres
  • GTA – May do this next year for GTA month
  • Final Fantasy – I don’t want to do it mainly because I hate it so much, still a possibility though
  • Call of Duty – This is deffo gonna happen, maybe the next one?
  • Hitman – I may love this series too much to even bother to nitpick it
  • Ratchet and Clank – Possibility…
  • The Sims – again, probably do it

Journey to the center of video-game movie adaptations!

  • Some ideas are to delay it until I have enough material, but Part 4 will be headed…
  • Another idea is to do a whole rant on suckiness in general

Fuck You Journalists

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is pick and merk different reports on “VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE”, and do one in general. Mainly because I’m an insecure nerd, but also because I think none of us aren’t really stepping up the challenge and calling people out – my blogs not exactly the most famous thing in the universe, but atleast I’ll have a rant on here.


With my schedule fucking up beyond any recognition, I thought have quick article technique. One picture and a giant paragraph. Once a week just to not condense it everywhere and various quickie series. This’d free me up and you’d probably see these on other sites too.



A perverse idea I had was to do a quick picture and a big paragraph, on the arses of video game females. It’s actually a pretty good idea. This would boost my blog visitors by over 9000% and would actually be fun to write, looking at arses for a whole week and picking them out would be a great job: maybe I could do it? 

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

One image of a weapon and three thousand words come at you, or decapitated bodies. This series will be a shorter paragraph of just how awesome the weapon ‘above’ is and what it does. It’ll probably also have a video on them – short video obviously. Some people thought THIS GUN IS THE BEST… was what this is.


Some people are messaging me about why I don’t blog about my real life, and how my twitter is basically pointless. Thusly, I will tell a quick story based upon my life, and stretch my legs a little. No piece of truth will be untold, my cock size, my nipple twisting techniques and even how many breasts I’ve felt in my life, including male.

The Dice

My best idea to date. Instead of posting my own quickie, I’ll take a picture of it! Anything I see thats interesting I’ll just take out my camera and take a photo. I’ll post the photo, and a short line of why its interesting. The title of the dice refers to nothing.


3 Responses to “Look Forward”

  1. Frankie said

    yo dawg; wtf stealing my ideas you negro.

    no one gives a shit about yo life. ❤

    penis size = 0.99999999999999999′ inches.

    but did you know that 0.999 infinitely reacurring is the exact same as 1? I bet you didn’t.
    Let’s prove it together!

    So 0.999 (y) reacurring x 10 = 9.999 (10y) reacurring

    10y – 1y = 9 y = 9.999 – 0.999 = 9
    9y = 9

    1y = 1


  2. Juanji said

    LOL, at least hes a cool Emo :3

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