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A Man’s Man : Johnny Klebitz

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 2, 2009

A man's man

Good morning/ evening/ easter ladies and gentlemen. It depends when you’re reading this, but I’m sure you’ve already gathered that I prefer the Lost and Damned to the main GTA IV. So now let’s debug the protagonist and what separates him from Niko as a whole. About from an obvious change in hairstyle and being born in Liberty, we can pretty much gather that he’s got more balls than our Eastern Europeon friend. Let’s go into more detail shall we?


A new petition has been made by the state of Liberty, to mark the citizen Niko Bellic as a homosexual

A new petition has been made by the state of Liberty, to mark the citizen 'Niko Bellic' as 'a homosexual'

What do I mean by balls? It could mean anything. An actual defiect were Johnny has an extra testicle, more man power or he cheats at snooker. What I meant by balls is that Johnny is the hardest man I’ve probably ever played, and has given the middle finger to more people than I have – he’s not my father figure though obviously. The actual man power and testosterone in some of the cut scenes is almost hair raising. As Johnny stands, he’s slower and more bulky than Niko – but he’s got a better swagger and punchy feel to him.

Which isn’t to say Johnny has his flaws, which they’re not many, Johnny runs slower and seems to have a brotherhood style. He’ll make his gang ride as one to punch through their and his enemies. Niko on the other hand, did more than his fair share for his cousin – too bad he only wanted to make money and use his dry sense of humour for little to no effect. The last mission on the Lost and Damned may fall a bit short in terms of manliness, but well, its a sort of natural thing in the end. To kill the guy you kill at the end is like killing your brother… spoilers ahoy.




Another complaint I have about Niko is the choice of voice actor. Michael Hollick isn’t exactly the most serbian guy on the planet, and the faked accent coming from my television doesn’t add much to the immigration feel. It makes the game feel unauthentic and clumsy. The guy who did Roman sort of nailed it properly, but you can still see the holes in his expression of voice. Scott Hill, voice of Johnny, just about takes the cake as a gruff and hard Johnny. Some fans say the guy who voiced Billy should’ve voiced Klebitz, but I don’t see how that would work. 

How could Rockstar have messed this all up? If Johnny had been the lead character in IV, would it have improved? Does the character have enough sustainability and ‘The Lost MC’ have enough go go for 20 hours+ story? I don’t know, I think Johnny’s character is better, but he deserves to be centered in his small and own part in Liberty City. The whole perspective seriously does change during the Lost and Damned, but for the better. I bet you fucking morons are seeing the funny side of things, and thinking I actually love Johnny Klebitz, well maybe I do. Maybe I fucking don’t you cunts.


3 Responses to “A Man’s Man : Johnny Klebitz”

  1. Joseph said

    0.o dude you really love Johnny. No offense but riding all-day-long with your friends isn’t sounds a bit gay for you? is just an opinion don’t take it personal. Seriously.

    God review but please to the next time think in the people how don’t like TLAD 😉

    • Nathan said

      Ey what, a comment?

      Also, Johnny isn’t my kind of man. Manly, brute and takes everything by force. I prefer them soft and mellow…. not that I’m gay on anything, that’s how I like my friends… yeah…

  2. Vergil said

    How about Johnny Klebitz vs tommy vercetti ???

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