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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 3, 2009


So here we stand, I hope you’re not still recovering from April Fools. ‘Cos you know they’re never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down or turn around and desert you. Never gonna tell a lie, never… okay I don’t know the words off by heart – maybe thats a good thing? Rickroll isn’t exactly the most popular song ever anyway. We best get this little ding started or it’d just run into Rick Astley’s life story, and then how a combination of shoddy techniques prop…. okay let’s just move on.

The GTA universe has always been famous for its great mission design, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the  best around, but what about those groups who give you missions? Are they as important and what do they add to the whole experience? In The Lost and Damned you do have your own actual ‘gang’ on missions, and you can call for backup anytime you want – even after the main story. So this little rant will concentrate on those gangs and groups which keep you steady, or keep you paying your hospital fees.


Back in my day...

Back in my day...

In the old days there was little commitment between you and your gangs, I just wanted to fuck around to be honest. The gangs were sorta limited and the relationship wasn’t mantained. The missions were out of the world and every fucking moron you met was actually quite well done. The dialouge sort of sprayed things even and the writing was a breakthough at the time, too bad you got this squeky non-english narration every single time someone spoke.

Another complaint I have is just the sheer “WTF” at losing ‘gang respect’. Sure it’s realistic if you blow up the Yakuza’s armoury, then of course they’ll hate you, but it would’ve been nice to just do as many missions as we wanted. When I completed one of the mission strands I couldn’t go to another mission strand ‘cos I’d just about lost all the respect they’d ever dish out. Thankfully the break came in GTA III, which replaced mission strands with people. 




Instead of gangs, we had gang dudes. Whatever fuzzy memories I have of going into a GTA III mission is of some character blurting out words to my mute protagonist – which sort of shifted everything at the time. Vice City took this and bum fucked it, adding diverse characters and a setting to match. San Andreas on the other hand decided to do something COPMETLEY DFFIRTENT and drop us straight into gang culture with a few dollars and little else to fend off the racial situation.

The whole interpretation was sort of blown in our faces, and we didn’t give a shit. It was quite refreshing to know everyone, every detail, and to meet up with your gang in a small house and pass the guns around. If San Andreas didn’t drop it around half-way through the main game, then it could’ve just turned into something nasty and bleh. Let’s face it, sat in a shoddy room with a few loud bashing people for say 20 hours would get a little on your nerves.




Thus came GTA IV, which threw all this out of the window and decided to mix things up. Instead of being a gang, doing jobs for certain people or leveling respect – you almost did all three. There was the Pegorinos, the biker gangs, the drug pushers, the Hove Beach communists and even the FBI to deal with. Things sorta shifted in the Lost and Damned, to doing jobs for either your gang, your motorcycle gang or a corrupt politician. A formula which I think, was a push in the right direction.

So ends Lost and Damned week, and another fucking pointless rant to you 20 daily readers. Now please, go away. 

P.S I love you all.


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