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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 8, 2009

GTA Week 2 Header 2

Hello you fucking morons, and we’re now half way through a week of turmoil! You see, if you’ve been following my twitter, I’ve decided to do something very stupid. I won’t spoil it, you can get all the details on my twitter page on the right sidebar… right now… to the right of you right handed dumdums. Let’s just keep this week at least moderately GTA orientated and todays article will focus more on GTA’s trademark sick sense of humour. By sick, I mean dead babies, meeting with internet paedoes and child pornography. It’s all a bit twisted in the GTA world.  

All of those have taken place in the recent big outing of GTA, GTA IV, and generally nothing’s be said about them. The police did a little investigation and a few groups jumped on the accusation that ROCKSART WUZ BARD because of their humour. It’s a sort of hit and miss sensation when talking about the subject of controversy of GTA’s humour. What I think is that maybe Rockstar does need to be shown the apology stand sometimes, but then be allowed to do it all again. The trademark of Rockstar’s humour is basically going beyond whatever anyone laughs at.



In which we have dead baby jokes, sexist jokes, homophobic and general lulz about anything topical. I remember the faint memory of one of GTA IV’s missions, where you go straight into a porno theatre to collect some money. The opening cutscene had a man watching a television and commenting “That’s a vintage bush”, I was in stitches for about two minutes. It’s these sort of moments which turn a game like GTA IV into a ‘jesus christ, they can’t do that… lol’ sorta game, and generally helps the series be a series. The stamp of trademark goes beyond it’s gameplay.

On the subject of going beyond, Rockstar have obviously chosen to look at their accusations, give the middle finger and then turn them on their side in their games. Jack Thompson, the asshole lawyer who tried to sue Rockstar for existing, was immortalised in GTA IV as a lawyer you have to assassinate. It’s not really clear it is Jacko, but the last words of the guy you whack are “Guns don’t kill people. video games do.” it’s not a generalisation of who it’s aimed at – but I’m pretty sure its Jack.  Then again it could be aimed at everyone trying to get a quick buck from Rockstar.



So, what do you fucking morons think? Fucking comment if you think anything, seriously, it’s lonely here…. Nobody around except that artist who briefly sends me headers and does generally every artistic thing for me. Anyway, to sum up, the humour of GTA goes beyond anything in any other video games and gets punished for it, some punishment is worthy. But mostly those punishments are turned into humour and refined into punishments again. That’s how it works in my books anyway, so from all of us at The Purple View, goodnight


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