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The Dudes You Play: A Retrospective

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 10, 2009


Hello, hello and hello! Welcome to the last in this week of GTA retrospectivity and we have a great great great fabulous terrible article lined up for you! You may have noticed yesterday that I myself had to draw the comic in less than 5 minutes, well, I also had to do the header… Just kidding, Juanji is on holiday though and you may see another guest comic on Tuesday: if he dies of course :D. Let’s move on with the show.

There’s been a lot of man muscle that GTA players have been able to handle, so let’s just give a quick spin on the main ones – not the guys from the portable land of time.

Claude Speed

GTA III and maybe the first 2

Claude was the mute one, the ugly one and downright one of the most unloved. He was characterised at all and you never heard a whisper from him. Nevertheless he did carry us through a deep narrative, without actual narration, and it became apparent that GTA was going to have to evolve in the main character part of things. Claude also appeared in San Andreas, as Catalina’s boyfriend – who eventually betrays him and blah blah blah. For the job he had to fit, Claude did an ok job… the mute fucking moron.

Tommy Vercetti

GTA Vice City

For most of his part, Tommy was just caught up in the action. The journey we see through his eyes is twisted and almost pulled by the strings. He was a great protagonist to work with, and the first one to speak a word. The only flaw that got me was his goddamn hawaiian shirt which you had for most of the game, jesus christ: what else could be more useful in a firefight? Nevertheless, through the eyes and lows of a fictional Miami, ol’ Tommy served us well…ish…

CJ (Carl Johnson)

GTA San Andreas

For the most part, we were most surprised by the actual colour of the protagonist during San Andreas. It seemed weird that a game which had racial jokes within itself, and poked fun at every possible thing to do with racial issues, landed a mixed-race person in our hands. We were more taken by the new stats aspect of the game, but it quickly came apparent that CJ was just a cool gang loving family guy. He starred in my fav GTA and for that and his attitude towards everything, he gets my seal of approval

Niko Bellic


I hate this guy, and for the most part, I don’t know why. At every single good thing or every prospect, it’s either greeted by his greed or negativity. Niko was a gruff and broken man, and we wanted a cocky and downright lulzsome out of bounds character to play with. I think Rockstar took GTA in the wrong direction in GTA IV, in every aspect, that is totally my opinion though. Niko was driven by his greed and family, with echoes of Tommy Vercetti and Claude in him. But we just couldn’t feel the bond he felt, the other characters were actually more likeable than he was.

I would include Johnny in the list, but I’ve already gone through the pointers of why he kicks more ass than Niko. But at the same time, after much reflection, Johnny seems alone – fighting his own little war. It doesn’t effect much oh my opinion of the character, but I thought to just mention it.


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