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The Tide Turns

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 13, 2009

The Tide Turns

Grand Theft Auto III was a defining moment in the GTA series, it would either pull off the 3D elements and incorporate a new style or it would miss the ball. What happened was something weird, GTA III lifted the freeform bar so high that everyone down below had to get stilts to even touch it. So, lets move on to the memories that I have of this brilliant title, one which changed the style completely. In terms of art, gameplay, presentation and lulz. What Rockstar did nearly 10 years ago has now left its mark on the gaming world, forever.

I remember waking up and smelling something in the air on a cold October morning. I could feel something in the air, change. At the time we’d only seen a few screenshots and one trailer for GTA III, I wasn’t reading the reviews either. When I went out, got my copy and came back: I was stunned. Not just at the game, but at the box art and the whole layout. The style, the glamour: it was all too different. At first I thought change would be a bad thing, boy was I wrong.

What came was probably the largest surprise that no one could have predicted: it wasn’t GTA. It was a better GTA. Those faint memories of cruising down the road in some car, the blurred screen and the artificial pitter patter of the vitural rain: all adds to the atmosphere. GTA I, II and the expansion packs never properly introduced an atmosphere: it just forced it upon us somewhat. All the previous games had been see through the eyes of birds, and not the men you controlled.

Now came the style, just a brilliant and convincing world: nothing much else to say. The graphics were a breakthrough for the time, and every thing down to the litter on the road was detailed. I remember just wondering how long the game had taken to make, then blowing lead into a ped for the first time – felt amazing. The violence, the gore and even the feel of the weapons and deaths was vamped up, now you felt every shot and you could see it in all it’s gorey glory.

After messing around and barely making any effort to discover the story contained inside the revolution – we finally went for it. The missions, the characters – they had swagger and evocative dialouge: which tied together with even their clothes. The missions themselves were just astounding, and the level of detail was incredible. The twists, the turns, the thrills came as all fresh: all new. It all introduced into a new age of GTA, a defining age.

GTA III has remained with me for almost ten years, a very first day copy. I keep playing it for time to time and really got to get back into it a week back, I think just the nostalgia factor alone makes it memorable. If there was one game that changed maybe even the face of gaming itself, it was GTA III. There was lots and lots of naysayers around the time, I guess Rockstar looked to the future and muttered ‘Yes we can’, thank god they did as well.


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