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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 15, 2009


GTA Vice City is considered in many people’s books to be the best GTA, it’s not personally mind but let’s take a bigger look into this. GTA VC is set during the ’80’s in Vice City: a GTA renindition of Miami. What beautifully tied it together was just the systems, the presentation and the whole storyline, complimenting each other. But what also made it stand out was just a totally different atmosphere. The series had shifted froma depressing and clunky urban setting and into one of the most lush environments ever designed.

Vice City took a lot of changes on board, the setting was deffo a twist in the series. From a grey and downright depressing 2D perspective, to an even darker 3D Liberty City, things weren’t exactly cheerful in GTAland. The beach, the sun, the skies and the hot chicks, Vice City made a stamp on the GTA series and maybe even gaming and it’s general settings. The feel is so iconic and can’t be replicated. The colour, the vibe and the cell-shaded glamour of it all.

What also made Vice City stand out was its delights in terms of gameplay. An improved targeting system let just about any average Joe handle Tommy, who is undoubtly one of the most stupidest yet greatest characters ever. I’m nitpicking here, but name me a gangster who uses a Hawaiian Shirt in a firefight? Honestly, it may seem a little like I’m picking the smallest nits I can find but that’s just about really the only nit here. Besides, you can change the damn shirt anyway.

The missions were back, and carried something of a new vibe along with them. It felt different, it felt it finally had passion and it felt that we could actually enjoy an escort mission for once. Racing down the highway in a red sports car, with the BRILLIANT 80s soundtrack booming from the car stereo, and it is undoubtedly the best GTA soundtrack. It was all just so different, but handled so elegantly it became a culture icon of gaming, and more of an icon for GTA.

Also with this fresh look, came the full introduction of air vehices and motorbikes. The cell shaded look and the atmosphere just added to everything in the mix. It all worked so much in harmony, it might as well be a damn symphony. If Aliens were to descend upon the Earth, and ask what the hell Vice City was, we’d point at somewhere near perfection… Or Belfast. The changes that Vice City made were more than welcomed, they carried on into the series blood and maybe somewhere along the lines, GTA had a blood transfusion.

Vice city is a standing point in the GTA series. It’s probably the most well crafted and has the greatest vibe EVER created in a video-game, but it’s also just darn right brilliant. It remains a key favourite in many fans books but not mine, thats saved for another GTA. Without Vice City we wouldn’t get the GTA we have today… well… actually we would. What Vice City introduced was a new, funny, vibey, clever and different GTA. What IV did for the GTA series was leave a muddy footstep upon the pattern of GTA’s influence.



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