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Mobile Hustler LCS

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 20, 2009


You fucking morons. Okay now I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about something which was weird. Playing GTA in public. In your bedroom or living room or bathroom, you could play and savour GTAs in privacy. It was better first way. Who wants your PSP bluring “FUCKIN’ BANG THAT FUCKIN’ HOOKERS HEAD IN YOU LOUSY FUCK.” at you during a subway drive. The days after LCS was released, I was seeing if it could actually be played in public or on a train etc.I went on holiday the week after LCS was released and I was half-way through the game. I was sitting around in the airport playing this thing, loading in the UMD and noticing that some people were looking at the case and giving scolding looks. I plugged in my earphones at that point and just played on. Given the general ignorance of most people and the fact they don’t know what GTA was. I didn’t actually get any “HAY WUT U PLAYIN BOI?”, but maybe the earphones helped.

GTA LCS was intended as a test, to see if the PSP could handle the engine. It didn’t work out and Rockstar had to incorporate a new engine instead of Renderware – which was used for all the console GTAs up till IV. As a first outing and a first test, it went more than well. What really grabbed me was how Rockstar still managed to incorporate an atmosphere into the little memory and processing power of the PSP.

Some people say the thing that shines out most is the story. It echoes some of GTA III’s days, and has a bucketful of references. The protagonist stands out as well because he’s a no nonsense hard man, a bit like Johnny but with more Italian. What the story does for the game however is… well manageable. It’s obviously above average but the characters don’t seem to realise that they’re in a GTA game and not some cheap Mafia rip-off…. Mafia the game… anyone?

For what it did for the GTA series, you’ve gotta thank it. It didn’t break new ground in terms of gameplay, story and most mechanics in the GTA series. But what it did was a great transfer to the portable world, even though GTA was already appearing on the GBA before. What stands out to me is despite it’s awful controls, some technical issues and a out of the ordinary weapon models – it’s a pretty darn good game, too bad the best GTA PSP was yet to come.



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