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Miami In The Palm of My Hands

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on April 22, 2009


Liberty city stories is Vice City stories’ and GTA main consoles and holy what the hell I hate titles’ bitch! LCS was simply a test to see if GTA could cope with its size and scale all jumbled and grubbled on to the PSP. What happened was an enitrely new  series, which exploded into quite possible – the best mature portable series on any portable platform. Too bad Nintendo recently stole it, then decided to see how low the sales could go. A company which makes a fitness and weight thingy board, should not ask Rockstar to replicate VCS or LCS on the DS. Fucking morons.

LCS is like inferior by one billion. A cloudy city, still dark with depression from GTA III. Some improvements were made but now it was time for Miami to shine on the P-ess-Pee. The beauty of it all was that it failed, and Rockstar went bankrupt and had to spend its weekends cleaning out my anus to the beat of another Klaxons song. Joke. It actually gave a middle finger to the limits of the PSP even further, and made the mature portable game blah genre a whole lot more juicier. What is also remarkable was instead of standing on its own, it was considered ”at the same height of its console brothers”.

More so, Vice City was back. Probably even better than it’s console guy. The graphics were slimmed down and so was the overall textures, layout and missions somewhat. But who cares? One missions involved you having to save Phil Collin’s life during a concert, and I think around 101% of the world’s population would do that. The 1% being my gigantic penis.  Yes. What also made it flourish as a portable GTA was it’s once again – lack of social respect and decentcy. GTA LCS played it a little too safe, still managed a few punches but the dark blissful world of GTA kinda broke through with VCS.

Once again, we were on trains, buses, cars, planes, people and even on top of our girlfriends – not me of course… >_> – and we became hooked. New multiplayer modes were implemented, a feature that was in LCS but never fully expanded after “look, a flag!” or “look, people!”. The final change from the old portable tale was a few different spices. Rather than being a dull, but serious and downright dramatic storyline – VCS came back on form. GTA is all about going beyond the bar, giving the middle finger the bar and then drawing a comic about giving the bar a blowy.

At the end of the day, GTA VCS did more for GTA than it did for itself. It made a point, and got a few brownie points for an actually engaging game. Once again, the City took the cake for it’s iconic design and general atmosphere – even on a small screen it looks good. Changes were made, thrusted out of the room and some even affected the GTA series. Multiplayer on the PSP platforms was also thought to have been an influence in GTA IV’s multiplayer. Which sucked, but, left it’s mark on more than just a crummy machine with dodgy controls. 


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