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May Schedule

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 6, 2009

Oh boy… click for more. Fri 8th – Oink Oink : Swine flu luls

Mon11th – Television: My top 3 watchable shows

Wed 13th – WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT…. FUCK… : Rant on how putting things in series sucks

Fri 15th – So… Comic Books : Rant on comic books and how unappreciated they are

Mon 18th -What’s So Good About MGS?: Introduction : OOOH YEAH, TAKING ON METAL GAER

Wed 20th – What’s So Good About MGS?: Graphics : Not as pretty as you think

Fri 22nd – What’s So Good About MGS?: Story : Gonna burn dis shit up dawg

Mon 25th – So I Heard You Like Filmkipz – 17 Again : Guest review by some niggggggerian horsemen

Wed 27th – What’s So Good About MGS: Gameplay : Gonna bern it sum moar

Fri 29th – What’s So Good About MGS : Conclusion…? : Might burrrrn it some more…?


One Response to “May Schedule”

  1. amazes said

    You should do a “What’s so good about my pal amazes”. Everything 8)

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