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Swine Flu luls

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 8, 2009

Short post today. Swine flu blah will probably be more reported on Another Damn Politics Show, as the political reaction is more juicy. Anyway, with my country and the brink of panic and leaflets been handed through our doors, I saw it fit to at least re-assure everyone that they’re not gonna die. Mexico and US have deaths simply because of their poor health care, and we are going to survive because we have large penises. In other words, we have more medicine. Trouble is, in Mexico and the US – Medicine costs moneys. Some people can’t afford medicines or get to the GP in time.

In the UK and richer countries, you just have to pop into your GP, ask for some medication after he’s diagnosed you and you’re done. Easy street. Except without the hookers. >_>. The pandemic scale currently registers at five, with six being a full blown pandemic. In a conversation with my Science teacher, he said that their will be a full blown stage six by the end of the week. But he also predicted we’d hit the oil peak around 4 months ago. Don’t trust anyone except yourself, especially when making decisions. It’s like deciding to either take a shit or wait fordiarrhea. Well, not like that at all


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