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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 11, 2009

Tele is good, init? Apart from most of the shit and reality TV sludge we get poured down our throats, there’s still bloody great bonsum dramas and other shows to tickle our delightfully extravagant appetites. So here’s the 3 BRITISH shows that I’m either currently into or just like “hey, cool” or “omg i came”. Other good shows I watch aren’t on the list because they’re either too nerdy or you don’t know what they’re called. Balls to the walls then. Hit the jump for the rest.

This show has gone off air for now and the only way you can find the series is if you downloaded it or on Yutub. I say Yutub because they still do HQ. Anyway, Newswipe is quite simply brilliant in every sense. I wasn’t a fan of Charlie Brooker or his Screenwipe before Newswipe, but that was before I went all cynic. Now I think everyone is shit and nitpick things ‘because they’re there’, and it’s all thanks to him. Newswipe consists of Charlie pointing at news programs, news reporters or news blahs and explains them. In fact, here’s just a little bit of his genius to tickle your tastebuds.

I loved Life on Mars, loved it like say a child of my own. But the only ladybits I could look at was… that woman who always followed Sam around and in the end rejected his offer for sex. Then they got back together after he died again. It’s all Sci-Fi mess, but it’s brilliant mess. So brilliant, it’s just… it’s hard to say. Now apply this to Ashes to Ashes but with even more ladybits, a boomingly good soundtrack and quite simply some of the best writing in telly. Also, Keeley Hawes. Good god I’ve never wanted to have sex more badly with a TV show, jesus christ… I mean… phwooaaaarr….

Okay bare with me. BGT is the most orchestrated and downright dumbed down reality shows ever. It screams more cherry picking than a triple cunted hooker on virgin street. It’s stupid, it’s cynacil and sometimes even offensive. It shows us all that Britain has some talent, but mostly we’re a country of sheep shaggers, hoodlums and the worst talent on the planet. That’s not to say we’re bad, just the show presents us that way, and if Ant and Dec could just stop FUCKING trying to be funny for one FUCKING second after the ad break interludes then maybe I’d like it more. FUCKING hell. You could argue that I shouldn’t like it because it’s just stupidly orchestrated and panned out by the editors, and then cherry picked to death. Well my reply would be – smoke and mirrors still make a good show. Oh and this guy.




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