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Mailbag Showdown: Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Crackdown

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on September 7, 2009


I’m often compared to Yahtzee when I write these things, well that’s what my internet friends say. So when I stumbled upon a few comments, a few little nitpicks and few tidbits of hate-email, I just had to break them all down. I just had to somehow let out my shallow little yellow thing that is my pen… I mean sense of humour. So, let the trollin’ begin!


Posted by Pistolero

This was one of the stupidest articles I have ever seen posted on N4G. Pure fanboy trash.
I still play this game to this day. The author of this article is a moron.

‘Fanboy trash’, what do you think I am? Well.. you think I’m a fanboy? If I was a fanboy then why would I have a column on a gaming site? Surely Platform Nation has something against people like me… apparently. I’m pretty sure we’ve inforced a ‘NO IDIOTS RULE’, and if this is the law of this humble gaming site then don’t even bother coming on here. Because you sir would be… able to browse through our articles, because we’re not idiots. ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted by Marceles

huge disagree with this article, it’s articles like this which makes Crackdown the most underrated game on the 360..hell…practically the most underrated overall this gen.

Okay, okay even I must admit that Crackdown is possibly some of the funnest co-op I’ve ever played. But I think I brought up a valid point on why it’s underrated, and that is the Halo 3 Beta. If it was just free on Xbox Live or able to play on somewhere else, I dare say that Crackdown would have been played by a lot more people. Not written off as some disc included with the Halo 3 Beta.

Posted by cherrypie

This article is written like a 12-year-old’s first fanboy FUD attemp.

Crackdown is one of the cult-hits and fan-favorites of the generation, it is hailed as a under-rated classic.

Dont believe me? Try and buy a used copy at EBGames (etc). Crackdown is normally in very short supply, and always at a price premium.

Why? Because gamers know it’s a fcuking AAA title. And this article’s writer is worried about this:

Correction, 14 year old’s first attempt at fanboy FUD. I never said Crackdown was overrated, I never said it wasn’t an underrated title (or that it was). Also, why would I be worried that it was selling? I don’t have trouble finding it in the UK, and even then I’d be happy that it was selling. I could never find a co-op partner on my week of replaying.

Posted by Halo 3 MLG Pro

So many nooby websites out there.

I agree

Posted by Eiffel

This article be teh fail!


i3eyond the Circle


Nice try article?

Go on the PsN and you’d get a nice hefty list of games no one plays anymore.

Eye of Judgment anyone?

Yep, I will find a hefty list of games no one plays anymore. I’ll find that on Xbox Live too.

Oh and we’ll get to the Eye of Judgement one day kids ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted by Pistolero (again)

How does this ps3 nerd even know how many people are playing this game?…I still play it all the time and I love it. No game that is several years old is going to be played as much as newer games…but how is Crackdown any different than any other game in that way? This was by far one of the most trolling and moronic articles I have ever read.

The Oscar for ‘Most Ignorant Moron’ goes to you sir. If I was a ‘PS3 nerd’ then surely I wouldn’t be on PLATFORM Nation, I’d be on PLAYSTATION Nation. Hurmm? I don’t know how many people are playing this game, I try and judge a game on its Xbox Live player rating thing and how old it is. Oh and if it was one of the most ‘trolling and moronic articles’ you’ve ever read, just open your eyes and you’ll find more.

Posted by vega75

You could see the aurthur of this article doesn’t have a clue. I can put in perfect dark and could get a room to this day. Yeah it may take a minute to get a full room. But none the less people are still playing it.

Hurmm.. of course I didn’t have a clue, I’m not Sherlock Holmes. Of course I haven’t played it. I don’t judge ‘GTNPA’s on how many people actually play it, I judge it on when the majority of people who ONCE played it, stop playing it. If you know what I mean?


Every console has a lot of games that no one plays anymore…why make a article only about 1?

I’m guessing the guys only got one of the GTNPAS… oh well… can’t blame them.


online gaming news is horrible

So are online gaming news comments.


Why am I doing this article? Well maybe I want to abuse my power, humiliate people and generally make myself look like a twit… which I’ve been doing anyway. No, I want to do this article to ‘troll the trolls’. I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to get a reply from me, a personal reply.

And if they don’t like it, I have ways of making them like it.

Bribery >:D

Sources of comments:ย N4G Comments


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So yeah, I write for PlatformNation..

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 23, 2009

So yeah, I got myself a bit of a job. Writing for an actual games site. My first post can be found hereย and keep an eye out for those articles which are so bizare- they own.

Is this place dead? Ish. I’ll be post like once a week and usually it won’t be an article. Another Damn Politics Show will have a post up later today though ๐Ÿ˜€

Peace out

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Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 18, 2009

It’s not your fault, really it isn’t It’s sort of mine and the situations I’m placed in. Long story short, I’m out of time. I simply cannot find the time nor energy to post on my usual schedule, the applications and articles I’ve sent to various sites: they’re obviously gonna want more. I’ve had exams every single day for the last 3 weeks and it’s going to continue until the end. I’m not placing this site on hiatus and I would never let issues in real life ever affect this place.

We’re slowing down.

Once or twice a week, whenever I can find the time. Sorry, so sorry. Series of stuff is probably on hold and schedule is just about cancelled.

Once again, sorry

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May Schedule

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 6, 2009

Oh boy… click for more. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hey there

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 4, 2009

GTA Month was a nice little break for us, just at the start of our ‘campaign’. Actually, we’ve been around since August last year. We only migrated to WordPress in Feb. We had some good fun giving you GTA month and we hope you had some good lulz with the comic, even though the final one didn’t make it out :3.

So what have I been up to during GTA Month? Well first off, Another Damn Politics Show. You’ve obviously spotted the bar right next to home. I’ve decided to enter the realm of politcal ranting and satire. Probably launching at the end of May with articles. The full show should launch later this year, at the start of October I hope. Probably kill me, but wut the buck right?

I also wrote a book.

And that’s it. May Schedule on Wednesday :3

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Look Forward

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 30, 2009

Hey guys, welcome to an article about this blog, my blog and the purple view. The articles for GTA month are coming on nicely, but my artist is being lazy, so I might have to kill him and take his talents. Otherwise, we’re pretty much rollin’ all over April, which a lot of people have been asking why we chose April – well the simple answer is GTA IV was released in there. In other news, this article. I have a lot of ideas bouncing off me right now, and its hard to make a schedule without rushing ahead. I just finished the THIS GUN IS THE… series and I think it kinda sucked, but then again you readers never comment. Hit the jump to see the rest of my ideas though Read the rest of this entry »

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GTA Month 2009 Schedule (and comic!)

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 25, 2009

Hey fellas, just a quickie schedule today, have been working with Juanji on the comic all day… week… month… actually just 1 hour. Hit the jump for the rest of the schedule. Read the rest of this entry »

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No post

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on March 20, 2009

Sorry guys but Part 5 of the this gun blah series will have to be cancelled, as I’ve pulled all the tendons in my right hand and it hurts to type anything.

So instead, Part 5 will appear on the same day as Part 6, until then, here is a lolzvideo I didn’t make

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That Game… Progress

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 27, 2009

Good evening folks, most of you probably haven’t heard of it, but me and my artist – and some other bloke – have all been working on an actual PC game. So far, so good, you guys don’t have a freackin’ clue how much work we’ve put in, but we’re not doing it for you – we’re doing it to feed our families… with nothing. Yeah, that’s right, to not only avoid copyrighted blahz, you guys will be able to download our PC game for free! Skins, levels and other content will come with a charge – but lets say 50 pence per level or 10 coins for a special hat – we wanna give you value for your moneys.ย 

Hit the jump to continue Read the rest of this entry »

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March Schedule

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on February 26, 2009

Whatup hoes, bet you were expecting the announcement. Well tough luck, it’s too early for that – so welcome to America… I mean… schedule country. Hit the jump to see the rest. Read the rest of this entry »

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