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Hey there

Posted by Nathan Hardisty on May 4, 2009

GTA Month was a nice little break for us, just at the start of our ‘campaign’. Actually, we’ve been around since August last year. We only migrated to WordPress in Feb. We had some good fun giving you GTA month and we hope you had some good lulz with the comic, even though the final one didn’t make it out :3.

So what have I been up to during GTA Month? Well first off, Another Damn Politics Show. You’ve obviously spotted the bar right next to home. I’ve decided to enter the realm of politcal ranting and satire. Probably launching at the end of May with articles. The full show should launch later this year, at the start of October I hope. Probably kill me, but wut the buck right?

I also wrote a book.

And that’s it. May Schedule on Wednesday :3


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